Unique Birthday Experience London


Gift your loved one a unique singing cabbie experience


Aiden will greet your surprised guests dressed in a tuxedo and by opening the door of his famous London black cab and ushering them into a starlit sky roof with beautiful Italian red leather seats, a specially-fitted red carpet and a bottle of champagne to make the journey go with a swing. 


Aiden Kent and his London black cab can be booked for weddings, parties, birthdays, Christmas festivities, film premieres and just about any social event.


Prices start at just £69



What makes someone say "this is the best restaurant/show/theatre/film experience I have ever had?" Well, in my opinion it's about being in that moment, that time when you experience something you never knew existed or could be attained.

  • Luxury Leather

  • Starlit Sky

  • Champagne

  • Aiden Kent, professional singer


Well, The Singing Cabbie is and will be the best taxi ride you will ever have. Just imagine your loved one's surprise when they realise you have gone out of your way to make their day that extra special.


Please click on the videos and see how The Singing Cabbie can turn your journey into an unforgettable and lasting experience.

Elaine Paige   |     Gary Kemp   |   London Palladium




I have been a professional cabbie for over 20 years and am the proud owner of the Green Badge. I am a professional singer, cabaret performer and raconteur who loves showing off and performing to an audience.


Without question London has the best taxi service in the world. Deciding to put these two professions together The Singing Cabbie was born.


The challenge in finding Italian leather which was of a superior quality can only be described as a long journey (excuse the taxi pun). The starlit sky roof replicating the Rolls Royce Phantom along with the leather seats and black piping were installed by a gentleman who had worked for the company and was a bespoke fitter to the stars (boy could he tell some stories) along with a specially-adapted PA system in the front and back, the result is the best taxi in the world! When I say this it is not me speaking but the many clients who have travelled with me throughout the years.


Click on the videos to hear me perform with the fabulous Jack Pack at the London Palladium and the wonderful taxi ride with Elaine Paige.


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